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17:24  24 october 2008
BUSINESS-TALISMAN has taken part in the annual conference for Microsoft hosting partners and EMC Forum 2008 in Moscow.
18:08  11 june 2008
BUSINESS-TALISMAN has launched the project in Energo GVC applying Vidsoft videoconference in test mode.
10:10   28 Nov 2007
BUSINESS-TALISMAN and VidSoft GmbH announce the promotion of mutual business solutions for Russian market. BUSINESS-TALISMAN's business services along with VidSoft's technology and software successfully combine into powerful business solutions for the Customers in RUSSIA.

12:42   9 Nov 2007
Partnership has been established with MARCS, a provider of marketing services and CRM solutions. BUSINESS-TALISMAN has the opportunity to offer Monitor CRM solutions within its Service Bundles to make international Partners efficiently manage CRM data in RUSSIA.
18:32   25 Oct 2007
During EMC Forum 2007, EMC and BUSINESS-TALISMAN representatives have reached preliminary agreement concerning mutual marketing activities. BUSINESS-TALISMAN will participate in promotion of the new line of EMC Documentum solutions for SMB.
20:20   16 Oct 2007
Partnership has been established with Vidsoft GmbH (Germany). BUSINESS-TALISMAN has become the first Partner and Distributor of Vidsoft solutions for videoconferencing in RUSSIA.
19:01   4 Oct 2007
During Symantec Vision Technology Roadshow 2007, Symantec and BUSINESS-TALISMAN representatives have reached preliminary agreement concerning mutual marketing activities. BUSINESS-TALISMAN will participate in promotion of the new line of Symantec solutions for SMB.
12:11   29 Sep 2007
BUSINESS-TALISMAN have entered into a partnership with one of the leading marketing service providers of Saint-Petersburg, RemBrand Ltd. The goal of this partnership is to provide new services to our Clients - to open new market of Saint-Petersburg using professional services of RemBrand Ltd.
01:24   24 Sep 2007
New version of corporate website has been launched at www.bital.ru !
16:54   31 Aug 2007
Partnership has been established with INCOMEDIA s.n.c. (Italy). BUSINESS-TALISMAN has become the exclusive Partner and Distributor of INCOMEDIA solutions in RUSSIA.
11:04   16 Aug 2007
Partnership has been established with Netviewer GmbH (Germany). BUSINESS-TALISMAN has become the first Partner and Distributor of netviewersolutions in RUSSIA.
14:20   29 Jun 2007
Update has been made to BUSINESS-TALISMAN Marketing strategy. We start developing new joint solutions, based on the products offered by our foreign Partners from WPSP Partnership Program.
21:50   18 May 2007
BUSINESS-TALISMAN launches international Partner network, uniting business solution offerings. New promotion services have been developed for Partners from abroad.
00:02   2 Apr 2007
Worldwide Partner Support Program (WPSP) new options become available. BUSINESS-TALISMAN provides support and promotion services for foreign companies entering market in RUSSIA.
10:42   15 Mar 2007
BUSINESS-TALISMAN representatives start their work at CeBIT 2007 in Hannover (Germany). We announce Worldwide Partner Support Program (WPSP). The Program allows to enter Russian market of business solutions using the multi-level Partner support (localization, marketing, methodology, resources etc.)
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IBM Corp.


IBM Corp.

IBM has been known through most of its recent history as the world's largest computer company. With over 350,000 employees worldwide, IBM is the largest information technology employer in the world. IBM holds more patents than any other U.S. based technology company. It has engineers and consultants in over 170 countries and IBM Research has eight laboratories worldwide.




TNK-BP is a leading Russian oil company and is among the top ten privately-owned oil companies in the world in terms of crude oil production. TNK-BP is headquartered in Moscow and is governed by a multinational management team with experience of working in over 50 different countries.



The company is a major Russian provider of lubrication solutions for civil and commercial vehicles and for many types of industrial equipment. THK-CM is a part of ТНК-ВР company group.



WILO AG is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology and for water supply and sewage disposal. The company was founded in 1872 by Louis Opländer as a copper and brass goods factory and now has agencies in more than 50 countries and employs about 6,000 personnel throughout the world.
Optronics Design


Optronics Design

Optronics Design is a world leader in semiconductor structures automation design. Optronics Design produces professional nanostructure semiconductor quantum simulation software for scientists and engineers.



NewERA for Computer Systems has been established in 2003 as a non-stop growing Research and Development Company aimed at providing business oriented products to eminent sectors.


Machinery Portal

Machinery Portals - is the leading portal in Russia that provides analytics on machinery and industrial technology. Its mission is to support effitiency and growth of heavy industries in Russia.



Angaria is the leading producer of all sorts of icecream in Eastern Siberia region. Angaria invests a lot in implementation of modern information systems. The company is represented by subsiduaries in three regions of Russia and in Mongolia.



Company specializes in production and assembly of mobile storage constructions. This technology is used to quickly envelop industrial, storage, sportive and other constructions.



Association of Russian Aerospace Insurance Companies unites over 40 insurance companies from Russia, CIS and Baltic states. It is one of the most reputable organizations for insurers in Russia.
Администрация Перми


Administration of Perm city

The Administration maintains efficient management of city property. Implementation of modern technology and information systems is a backbone of modern city management. Perm Administration uses up-to-date geo information systems.


Saint-Petersburg State University

St Petersburg State University is a major Russian centre of science, education and culture of international repute. Many important universities in Europe, America, and Asia - have maintained various academic contacts with the University of St. Petersburg.


Classic Business School

One of the best and oldest business schools in Moscow, Russia. Its students can choose any of multiple business specialties. The school develops mutual education programs MBA and DBA with best business schools and universities of the world.

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